Or, A Gamer’s Bucket List Anthology

As a latecomer to the tabletop rpg world, I have only experienced a handful of campaigns, a couple of gaming systems, and one foray into GMing. I’ve discovered that I’m bored easily, preferring one-shots or mini-series to epic campaigns, but these are in short supply in my gaming community. Frankly, I’m also tired of playing in samey World of Darkness and Pathfinder/D&D (although 5th edition is more enticing) games.

I would like to start a series of short games with multiple systems and settings. I will GM some, but I am not very experienced and I am most interested in playing so I would appreciate it if others stepped up, too. Some of the systems that I have in mind (most of which I own rulebooks for) are:
- 13th Age
- Unknown Armies
- Mouse Guard
- Dragon Age
- Burning Wheel
- The Laundry
- Dread
- Trail of Cthulhu

Other systems would also be welcome—the key is variety.

RPG Sampler